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    “This film has been more than 1 year in the making; at times it has felt longer but it has been well worth it. I knew I wanted to go back to my dirt jumps roots and push my limits again, get creative and showcase what’s possible when you put your mind to it”. 

    ‘ABOVE’ is the latest project from Thomas Genon, a reminder of the slopestyle pedigree that made ‘Tommy G” a household name. Filmed in his purpose-built compound, he takes his riding back to where it all started and pushes his riding to new limits.  

    Rewind the clock to January 2020 and Thomas Genon launched his ‘Eclectic’ film with adidas Five Ten.  Eclectic was a real statement piece for Genon that showcased how far he had come as a rider and his influences across the full spectrum of MTB disciplines.

    Rewind a decade and the relatively unknown Belgian rider became a house name as ‘Tommy G’ over night when we won Redbull Joyride against all odds and took the most coveted slopestyle title on the planet. So why the history lesson?

    Above is Thomas Genon returning to his slopestyle and dirt jump roots to reimagine the sport in 2023 and push the boundaries of his riding and creativity. Combining Thomas’s unrivalled style with an all-out master class in some of the most mind blowing new school tricks, Tommy G proves that he is still one of the greatest slopestyle riders of a generation.

    Don’t miss a beat in this powerhouse edit from Thomas Genon and adidas Five Ten, Filmed and directed by Hector Cash.


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