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The history of bicycles



The History Of Bicycles

The History Of Bicycles

Bicycles have been a staple form of transportation for centuries. Over these years, they have significantly evolved and have had an important role in human society, providing a low-cost, health conscious and often enjoyable method of transport.

The first bike

The Invention of the Bicycle

In 1817, a German inventor named Karl Drais invented the first working bicycle, known as the “Draisine”. He got the idea from trying to create a machine that would help him get around faster than walking. However, these first versions did not have any pedals and were powered by running on the ground.

Draisine, the first bike model, 1820

The Evolution of the Bicycle

The bicycle has seen many changes since its invention. In 1863, two Frenchmen, Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement added a mechanical crank drive with pedals on an enlarged front wheel making it simpler to ride. This was known as the 'boneshaker' because it was extremely uncomfortable on cobblestone streets like those commonly found in Paris.

The Boneshaker bike,1868

The 1880s saw another large change with the creation of the 'safety bicycle'. This bike, named its predecessors were quite dangerous, introduced even wheel sizes and a chain drive to the rear tire. It was marketed heavily towards men, women and children, leading to increased usage across society.

Manufacturing of safety bicycle

The Modern Bicycle

As the 19th century came to a close and the 20th century started, bicycles were looking more like what we see today. Manufacturers started making bicycles from steel and, later, aluminium, making them lighter and easier to ride. Over time, other improvements were made like the introduction of hand breaks and multi-gear systems.

Modern bicycle

Source: Wikipedia


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